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Cup Noodles 50th Anniversary 1

Use Your Noodle: Cup Noodles celebrates 50 Years of originality with the search for the next great food innovator contest

    Nissin Foods, the inventor of Cup Noodles, celebrates its 50th anniversary by calling on all budding culinary minds to submit original ideas for the “Use Your Noodle” innovation contest, which acknowledges the creative, unconventional possibilities in the food industry starting on Sept. 18 – the brand’s birthday. Submissions will be judged based on creativity, originality, and quality by acclaimed teen chef and social media talent Eitan Bernath and Nissin Foods President and CEO Michael J. Price.

    draw ketchup 1

    Heinz Draw Ketchup

      We (Heinz Canada) anonymously asked people all over the world to “draw ketchup.” The result? They all drew Heinz. Now you can win a custom bottle of your own. Find out more at

      KDpump 1

      Klever Kraft Kreates KD Kontest to Kollect Kache

        Hold the presses! Kraft Heinz Canada is unloading onto the public Pumpkin Spice KD (mac and cheese for our neighbors in the south). Should we be excited or repulsed?

        Wait, there is a catch! It is a contest of sorts. Only one thousand brave mouths will are able to taste this new KD flavor. You have to sign up and answer a few questions.