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candy bar

fruity pebbles candy bar 1

Fruity PEBBLES new candy bar

    A candy bar that tastes like your favorite cereal. The unmistakable Fruity PEBBLES flavor is bound to become a part of your new favorite snack with this delicious candy bar! 2.75 oz candy bar is full of crispy multi-colored Fruity PEBBLES with a slight hint of cereal milk.

    witches brew kitkat 1

    KIT KAT Crisp Wafers in Crème with Witch’s Brew

      When it’s Halloween and you need a break, turn to KIT KAT® Crisp Wafers in Crème with Witch’s Brew Foils. Serve them up to trick-or-treaters and they’ll be cackling with delight. Or, place them in your Halloween party tray and listen as your guests’ chants change from “Double, double, toil and trouble,” to “KIT KAT®, KIT KAT®, May I please have some more of that?”