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Yule Log Cake Origins Traced Back to Thor

    The delightful history of Yule log cakes has its origins in a pagan festival likely dedicated to the powerful god Thor and the enchanting lands of Scandinavia, particularly in the culturally rich countries of Sweden, Norway, and Denmark.

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    InstaCake brings greeting cards and cakes together

      I am a firm believer that you should not bake your own birthday cake. InstaCake is a bit different, you get a birthday cake and an individual mix to make your own cake with a candle. Mix and bake in your microwave. No mess, just eat in minutes. This is perfect for those far from their loved ones.

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      The Beatles cake molds

        With these official The Beatles baking sets, even novice bakers can make tasty treats inspired by the greatest hits of the Fab Four! Each set includes all the equipment and instructions (plus online videos) you’ll need – just add ingredients! Collect The Beatles Yellow Submarine Cake Mold today.

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        Drake’s Mini Pound Cakes are back

          Drake’s Mini Pound Cakes will be available in supermarkets, supercenters, value retailers and convenience stores throughout the Eastern U.S. A product locator search function will be available to consumers at While there, they can also see dessert suggestions that include Drake’s Mini Pound Cakes.