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Edible Literal Sponge Cake 850x550

Japanese YouTuber LowIQ creates a literal edible sponge cake

    There is nothing more disgusting than a dirty old sponge in your sink. Japanese YouTuber and content creator LowIQ specializes in creating a literal sponge cake to resemble a dirty dish and smeared with whipped cream as dish soap. Let them eat dish soap and gunk!

    JOYfetti Birthday Party Project 1 scaled

    Duncan Hines partners with The Birthday Party Project to make birthdays a little sweeter for kids in need

      Duncan Hines, a brand of Conagra Brands, believes that birthdays are special and everyone should have the opportunity to celebrate. That’s why the creators of cake mixes and frostings are partnering with The Birthday Party Project, a non-profit organization that has helped kids experiencing homelessness celebrate birthdays for over a decade. In honor of the partnership, Duncan Hines is debuting a festive new JOYfetti Cake Mix arriving in stores this June!

      jayjoy cheescake in a jar 1

      Jarjoy’s unveils Birthday Cake cheesecake in pre-portioned jars

        This is heavenly, cheesecake in a jar. Jar Joy is a Floridian company that currently sells cakes in a jar through major retailers, including Sam’s Club and Aldi. The initial Sam’s Club offerings span 75 locations in Florida and Georgia. They also offer flavors that include Summer Strawberry, White Chocolate Raspberry and Cookies n’ Cream. The company also offers three cake-inspired cheesecake flavors: Birthday Cake, Death by Chocolate and Red Velvet.

        moutain dew cake smash 1

        Mountain Dew New Cake Smash Flavor

          Let’s do-over your missed milestone-whether it was a birthday, a wedding, a graduation, or life itself. This year you deserve to have your cake and drink it too with Mtn Dew Cake-Smash. The Cake-Smash flavor consists of “DEW with a rush of artificial cake flavor.

          turkey cake 1

          The Baskin Robbins Turkey Cake is Back!

            There is no better way to complement your holiday feast than with our popular Ice Cream Turkey Cake. This eye-catching cake was designed to help holiday hosts reinvent their dessert tables, and is an all ice cream cake made with your favorite Baskin-Robbins flavor, two sugar cone “legs” and caramel praline topping “glaze.”

            icing on the cake Dr Pepper 1

            Happy Birthday, Dr Pepper!

              Brand ambassadors for Dr Pepper’s 23-flavor squad were treated to a free pack of Birthday Cake Dr Pepper. The flavor is exclusive to those who sign up at