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Blue Jays Baseball Blue Wave Beer 2

Catch the wave with the new Blue Jays’ Blue Wave beer

    Blue Jays fans might want to check out Blue Wave, a new beer collaboration between Mill Street Brewery and the Blue Jays. The team is already on a hot start. They will certainly tear the season into the smoldering hot days of summer. What better way to catch the wave than with Blue Jays’ Blue Wave beer from Mill Street Brewery. The beer packaging was designed by Mosaic North America. Let’s hope Vladimir Guerrero Jr. and the boys don’t disappoint this year or will be drinking away our blues this year.

    area 51 bud light 1

    We come in peace: Area 51 Bud Light beer

      Social media is abuzz about a potential raid on area 51 planned for September 20th this year. Bud Light got caught up in the frenzy and now is releasing a special edition Area 51 cans to cash in the hype.

      saturdaymorning ipa 1

      Saturday Morning beer?

        Nothing like drinking beer on Saturday morning after a hangover from the previous day of partying or a long week of work. It’s magically ridiculous as the can says.

        mr ipa nut planters 2

        Meet Mr. IPA-NUT: Peanuts and beer the perfect couple

          Heinz-Craft Company and Noon Whistle Brewery are set to introduce a peanut IPA that pays homage to its Planters’ mascot. Just in case, IPA is a pale ale. It was only a matter of time before the peanut manufacturer would cash in the combo of beer and peanuts. Peanuts are the most common salty snack usually found in a small bowl in a bar. So it seems like a natural marriage of cross-promotion products.

          bud light orange beer 1

          Walking on sunshine with Bud Light Orange

            Bud Light Lime debuted 10 years ago, and the sales have dropped drastically since then, so Bud Light just introduced Bud Light Orange to compensate for lost revenue. This what is saying about the beer.
            “It’s honestly not terrible.”
            “More like a soda pop than a beer.”
            “It smells and tastes exactly like someone mixed Bud Light and Orange Fanta.”
            “Taste is artificial orange, corn, and citrus, but might not be too bad on a hot summer afternoon.”