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Blue Jays Baseball Blue Wave Beer 2

Catch the wave with the new Blue Jays’ Blue Wave beer

    Blue Jays fans might want to check out Blue Wave, a new beer collaboration between Mill Street Brewery and the Blue Jays. The team is already on a hot start. They will certainly tear the season into the smoldering hot days of summer. What better way to catch the wave than with Blue Jays’ Blue Wave beer from Mill Street Brewery. The beer packaging was designed by Mosaic North America. Let’s hope Vladimir Guerrero Jr. and the boys don’t disappoint this year or will be drinking away our blues this year.

    pickles dilly dog rangers hot dog 1

    It’s a hit! Texas Rangers’ Dilly Dog

      Baseball is about chillaxing and chowing down on food and drinks. The Texas Rangers have a unique food offering called the Dilly Dog. It is a hollowed out pickle with a hot dog inserted inside and covered in fried cornmeal batter. Gone are the days when you would only buy a beer and a hot dog. MLB stadiums are offering outlandish food variations of traditional stadium food. It has become a food adventure for your stomach if your wallet can afford it. When they sing at the seventh inning stretch, you better include buy me some peanuts, Cracker Jack and a Dilly Dog and whatever flavor of the month is offered in each stadium. When they say batter up, they really mean that they are frying another Dilly Dog in Texas.

      kathy kaye popcorn products 1

      Pop goes the world: Kathy Kaye Popcorn Balls and Caramel Cobs are a hit

        There is nothing like watching a baseball game with a popcorn ball in your hand. Kathy Kaye Foods makes popcorn balls just the way grandma used to make for her grandchildren. These amazing treats are made with love. They are introducing a new line of treats called Caramel Cobs. Kathy Kaye products can be enjoyed by everybody for every occasion. The make seasonal products, be sure to munch on Easter Caramel Cobs. I rather eat a soft caramel popcorn that melts in your mouth with delightful satisfaction than nibble on a chocolate bunny ear. Kids will love the Kathy Kaye Foods line of products, so will the kids at heart.