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Old Dutch Foods: 70 Years, New Flavours, Limited Editions!

    Old Dutch Foods Celebrates 70 Years with Exciting Promotions, New Flavours.

    In Canada, you’ll likely spot Old Dutch chips in stores, Dollarama, and eateries. A quintessential Canadian snack, Old Dutch has thrived for 70 years since its inception in Winnipeg in 1954. Renowned for taste and quality, it remains a staple nationwide. With its iconic windmill adorning shelves, Old Dutch stands as a trusted brand synonymous with snack innovation and integrity.

    Initially established in St. Paul, Minnesota, Old Dutch relocated to Minneapolis in 1937 before settling in Roseville, Minnesota, in 1968, where it stands today. In 1954, recognizing the potential of the Canadian market, Old Dutch expanded operations by inaugurating a manufacturing plant in Winnipeg, Manitoba, to produce chips for Canadian consumers.

    Old Dutch is dedicating an entire year to mark its 70th anniversary in Canada. As a prominent Canadian snack producer, Old Dutch Foods is reaching this milestone with much fanfare, transforming a birthday and an entire birth-year celebration. Canadians can partake in the festivities with an exciting lineup of new flavors, engaging contests, and the revival of a beloved relic: The Chip Tin.

    This tin is how Old Dutch chips first went to market and it has been coveted as a collectible
    ever since. Vintage ones run for $50+ on eBay. Save your cash and get more snacks with your
    chance to get it through social giveaways and sweepstakes in 2024. Keep updated with the
    newest ways to secure your own Limited Edition Chip Tin by following Old Dutch on social

    Old Dutch Foods Celebrates 70 Years with Exciting Promotions, New Flavours.

    The simplest way to participate in the fun? Try one or all of our four new spring snack launches: Dutch Crunch Spicy Ketchup Kettle Chips, Ridgies Extra Honey BBQ, Old Dutch Cheesy Puffcorn, and Old Dutch Popcorn Twists – Salted Toffee.

    “Old Dutch Foods is honored to celebrate 70 years of bringing joy to snack lovers everywhere,”
    said Scott Kelemen, Sr. National Director of Brand and Market Strategy of Old Dutch Foods.
    “Our anniversary is not just a milestone for us; it’s a celebration of the loyalty and support of our customers, partners, and communities who have been with us every step of the way.”
    Our milestone 70th birthday is focused on our passionate consumers starting with a spring
    contest ending April 6th, offering 5 weeks of prizing with 70 winners receiving a $250 Retailer gift card from a Grocer or Convenience Store of their choice, plus the limited edition retro Old Dutch Tin of Chips.

    Old Dutch Foods invites all Canadians to join in the celebration and partake in the special
    promotions throughout the year.

    For more information about Old Dutch Foods and its 70th-anniversary celebration, please visit