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New Words to Dictionary: Food and How It’s Made Words

    Merriam-Webster recently updated its renowned dictionary by introducing 690 new words and definitions. The update encompasses a diverse range of linguistic advancements, with a special emphasis on the realm of gastronomy. The latest inclusions provide a worthwhile selection of vocabulary pertaining to food and culinary techniques.

    The culinary enthusiasts among us will undoubtedly savor the inclusion of “cheffy,” which now graces the dictionary’s pages. Defined as “characteristic of or befitting a professional chef, embodying elements of showiness, complexity, or exoticness,” this word encapsulates the flair and expertise associated with the culinary arts. It’s a term that encapsulates the essence of haute cuisine, signaling the pursuit of culinary excellence.

    Another mouthwatering entry is “smashburger,” describing a distinct method of preparing a hamburger patty. A “smashburger” involves pressing the meat thinly onto a heated pan or griddle right at the beginning of the cooking process. This technique imparts a unique texture and flavor, making it a must-know term for burger aficionados and food enthusiasts.

    As we dig into the realm of culinary refinement, we encounter the delightful term “zhuzh.” This word has grown in popularity among food enthusiasts and stylists alike, as it denotes a minor adjustment, modification, or addition that elevates the overall appearance, taste, or display of something. “Zhuzh” embodies the essence of culinary ingenuity, where even the most meticulous particulars can transform a mundane dish into a work of culinary excellence.

    When new words are added, some people express their excitement by using a “chef’s kiss” gesture. This gesture involves kissing their fingertips and spreading their fingers out to demonstrate their admiration for the linguistic and aesthetic joys that these new words bring.

    Merriam-Webster has included an array of culinary terms in its latest dictionary update. This revision empowers individuals to articulate themselves more effectively while discussing professional chefs, cooking savory meals, or expressing their admiration for food. Thanks to these newfound expressions, culinary aficionados can now celebrate the subtleties of the culinary realm more meticulously and ingeniously.

    stagiaire (noun): a usually unpaid intern working in a professional kitchen as part of their training to become a chef: a cook who is doing a stage

    stage (noun) 1: a usually unpaid internship in a professional kitchen that is part of a chef’s training 2: a person who holds such an internship: stagiaire

    cheffy (adjective): characteristic of or befitting a professional chef (as in showiness, complexity, or exoticness)

    emping (noun): a slightly bitter cracker or chip popular in Indonesia that is made from the dried flattened seed of a melinjo tree (Gnetum gnemon)

    jollof rice (noun): a West African dish of rice cooked in a sauce of tomatoes and onions seasoned usually with garlic, thyme, hot pepper, and other spices and often accompanied by meat, fish, or vegetables

    Smashburger (noun1: a hamburger patty that is pressed thin onto a heated pan or griddle at the start of cooking; also: a patty (as of beans or ground turkey) prepared similarly 2: a sandwich featuring one or more such patties