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Munsell USDA French Fry Color Chart

    The inaugural standards for frozen French fried potatoes in the United States were issued on April 22, 1966, and came into effect on July 1 of the same year. These standards provided a framework for grading and inspecting frozen French fries, ensuring their quality and consistency. One key aspect of these standards was the classification of fry color, which was categorized into five distinct grades: extra light, light, medium light, medium, and dark. This classification led to the development of the Munsell USDA French Fry Color Chart, a tool used to visually assess and standardize the color of French fries during inspections.

    If there’s one universal truth that transcends cultures, borders, and even the great pineapple-on-pizza debate, it’s that french fries should be golden brown. But how do we nail down exactly what shade of golden brown is ideal for each fry type? Enter Munsell, the unsung hero of the fry world.

    Munsell isn’t just a fancy name – it’s an approved supplier for the USDA and runs an ongoing program dedicated to USDA food color standards. Imagine Munsell as the fry color guru, with the sacred task of defining the perfect hue for our beloved fries. Their french fry color standards are like a secret weapon for programming deep fryers, ensuring they hit that sweet spot of temperature, fat content, and frying duration. So next time you bite into a perfectly golden fry, you have Munsell’s meticulous color charts to thank for that crispy, delicious goodness.