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McDonald’s celebrates the Wavemaker in all of us with “The Little Mermaid” Happy Meal

McDonalds USA Happy Meal Box

For a limited time and while supplies last, participating McDonald’s restaurants across the nation are featuring “The Little MermaidHappy Meal, celebrating Disney’s iconic dreamer, Ariel. The meal includes characters from both under the sea and on land, such as Ariel herself, Eric, Sebastian, and Flounder.

“The Little Mermaid” Happy Meal joins McDonald’s decades-long history of providing delicious, feel-good moments that help create memorable experiences for all communities. From recalling their first viewing of the classic film to celebrating the 2023 live-action cast with collectible toys, fans of all ages can find something uniquely special for them in this Happy Meal.

McDonalds USA Happy Meal Collection

To help launch “The Little Mermaid” Happy Meal and inspire the future wavemaker in everyone, McDonald’s launched a national television commercial with Rhonda “Coach Rho” Harper, founder and executive producer on behalf of Black Girls Surf to highlight the multi-award-winning competitive performance training camp and non-profit organization, spotlighting Maizy Gordon, Bethany & Anaya Malone, Macie Smith, Olivia Whyms, and Penelope “Poppy” Brockhaus. The spot highlights the importance of kids like Ariel who make waves and create the change they want to see in the world. Beyond the water, McDonald’s invited surfers to experience the magical blue carpet premiere of “The Little Mermaid” giving them exclusive access to the highly anticipated live-action film.

As part of its ongoing commitment to giving back to community programs, McDonald’s donated funds to Black Girls Surf, to help support the next generation of competitive surfers, and will host a special “The Little Mermaid” screening for Black Girl Surf’s members, to create magical memories with a front row seat to see someone like them in such an iconic role on a big screen. 

Fun Fact: Happy Meals also have been used to promote family-friendly movies – the first being 1979’s Star Trek: The Movie.