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Lick and Heinz Join Forces to Offer Interior Paint Inspired by Ketchup

    Heinz, the undisputed maestro of ketchup, has joined forces with the stylish wallpaper and paint wizards at Lick to create a new red ketchup paint. They’ve hatched a plan that’s as saucy as it is ingenious. You see, Heinz has long understood the irresistible magnetism of their ketchup’s natural crimson shade. That’s why they’ve been parading it around in transparent bottles, flaunting it like the star of a show. After all, why hide a masterpiece when you can showcase it?

    Ketchup, that delectable condiment that transforms the dullest of dishes into flavor-packed delights, owes much of its allure to its iconic shade of deep, luxurious red. This enchanting hue isn’t just happenstance; it’s all thanks to lycopene, a tomato-born compound that imbues ketchup with its ravishing color. And let’s be honest, who can resist the siren call of that luscious, red allure?

    RED HTK 57” is Lick’s latest paint designed for interior walls and ceilings that achieves the ketchup hue with a combination of red, undertones of yellow, and a touch of black pigment.

    But here’s where the plot thickens, or should we say, the paint dries. Heinz, the ketchup connoisseurs, have decided to share the wealth of their 57 ketchup’s signature red. They’ve turned their gaze from the dining table to your home decor, teaming up with Lick to make your living space as appetizing as your favorite burger. So, brace yourself for a home makeover that’s more than just a lick of paint; it’s a bold statement, a declaration of your love for ketchup, and a feast for the eyes, all rolled into one!

    The packaging design of the limited-edition RED HTK 57 by Lick and Heinz draws heavy inspiration from the world of ketchup. Elements from Heinz’s brand identity, such as the iconic keystone, serve to emphasize the collaboration’s deep connection to 57 ketchup. In a clever nod to Heinz’s ketchup packaging, the color white is employed as a contrasting element against the rich, dark red.

    Lick’s wordmark seamlessly complements Heinz’s branding and is prominently featured on both the top and front of the 2.5L paint cans. This harmonious placement ensures that Lick’s identity comfortably coexists with the Heinz branding, creating a cohesive and visually appealing packaging concept.