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Space Balls blasts off with new nourishing clean ingredients

    LesserEvil: Space Balls

    Set the controls to the heart of the sun with LesserEvil’s Space Balls. Everybody is looking for that guilt-free snack to munch on. See you on Aldebaran with Interstellar Cheddar and Cinnamon Sugar Stardust that will blast your snack cravings. LesserEvil’s Space Balls are out of this world. Major Tom would love Space Balls, it’s like a space odyssey. LesserEvil is unlike any other snack that will enter your system.

    Want legendary cheesy flavor without the guilt—and the side effects? These are the puffs for you. Organic, non-dairy seasoning brings the cheesy flavor and leaves the cheesy baggage behind.

    LesserEvil: Space Balls

    The light, air-puffed whole-grain organic corn balls are made with nourishing ingredients like avocado oil and Himalayan salt and they promise to provide satisfaction during school lunches, snacktime and plenty of other eating occasions. These better-for-you corn puffs launched alongside Cosmic Rings, another space-themed snack for clean eaters who value minimal processing and the use of higher-quality oils.

    Fun Fact: Aldebaran is a giant star that is cooler than our Sun with a surface temperature of 3,900 K, but its radius is about 44 times bigger than our Sun.