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Kellogg’s Tony & Toucan Sam drop their new Crocs

    Tony the Tiger and Toucan Sam are taking their celebrity status to new heights by partnering with the globally recognized footwear brand, Crocs, to introduce an exclusive limited-edition shoe and cereal collection. This collaboration celebrates the enduring legacy of these beloved characters at breakfast tables worldwide and beyond.

    To launch this exciting venture, Kellogg’s and Crocs are offering cereal lovers a delightful surprise with special Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes and Kellogg’s Froot Loops Crocs cereal boxes, now accessible at select retailers across the country. Each cereal box contains a QR code that fans can scan to claim a complimentary Kellogg’s Jibbitz charm, allowing them to embrace the distinctive designs of Tony the Tiger and Toucan Sam’s Crocs.

    Having been household names for over fifty years, Tony the Tiger and Toucan Sam are synonymous with American kitchens. Their Crocs footwear combines style and nostalgia, enabling fans to express their unwavering brand loyalty. Tony the Tiger’s Crocs sandals reflect his confidence, positivity, and cool demeanor, while Toucan Sam’s Crocs clogs embody his playful, whimsical, and unmistakably energetic nature.

    This collaboration presents fans with two iconic shoe styles, each enhanced with exclusive Jibbitz charms that capture the essence of these cherished characters.

    The Frosted Flakes Cozzzy Sandal exudes fantastic energy, boasting a faux fur lining for cozy comfort, Tony’s iconic red bandana, and a striking “They’re GR-R-REAT” Jibbitz charm. Meanwhile, the Froot Loops Classic Clogs showcase dynamic stripes and a winged strap, encouraging wearers to embrace their adventurous side with a playful “Follow Your Nose” mantra and whimsical cereal-themed Jibbitz charms.

    For enthusiasts eager to flaunt their affection for Tony the Tiger or Toucan Sam, they can explore the offerings on

    Oh, you didn’t know: In 2005, Sheri Schmelzer and her husband Rich founded Jibbitz, sparked by Sheri’s idea to adorn her children’s Crocs with charms. The business quickly thrived, adding personal flair to the beloved shoes. Crocs acquired Jibbitz in 2006 for $10 million, with an additional $10 million potential. Today, 15 years on, Jibbitz remains integral to the Crocs brand.