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Funko’s Merchandising Madness Now Has Frankenstein McNuggets

    Ladies and gentlemen, if you ever thought Funko had reached the pinnacle of pop culture absurdity, think again. Funko has officially crossed into the realm of the bizarre with their latest creation, the ‘McDonald’s Frankenstein McNugget.’ You’re probably wondering if it’s some kind of genetically modified, mutated McNugget experiment gone wrong.

    In their unending quest to slap a cute, big-headed vinyl figure on anything and everything, Funko has now unveiled the ‘McNugget with Pails‘ Funko Pop as part of their 2023 Fall Convention lineup. It seems that they’ve hitched their wagon to the Comic Book Convention circuit. This particular nugget of ‘pop’ culture will be available at the New York Comic Con (October 12-15) and, of course, online for anyone who can’t bear to miss out on the new fried-chicken-inspired collectible craze.

    I don’t fault parents for purchasing Funko toys at conventions; after all, the prices at these events can be exorbitant. A single Funko toy won’t break the bank, but the real trouble starts when you start amassing a whole bunch of them at once.

    While it might be tempting to pin the blame squarely on the creative minds over at Funko for birthing the Frankenstein McNugget, the truth is, this whimsical idea owes its existence to another group of individuals – the excessively well-compensated advertising wizards at McDonald’s back in the ’90s. Yes, folks, let’s take a nostalgic trip down memory lane and revisit the era when marketing genius sometimes took bizarre turns.

    Enter the Frankenstein McNugget, an idea hatched in the halls of McDonald’s, where someone must’ve thought, ‘You know what would really appeal to kids? A McNugget that looks like it’s been pieced together by Dr. Frankenstein himself!’ It’s almost as if they were conducting a social experiment to see just how far they could stretch the boundaries of fast-food mascots.

    Now, let’s not kid ourselves – Funko Pops can be undeniably adorable. But seriously, have we reached a point where we’re fawning over anthropomorphic McNuggets? Are these mutant, Frankensteinian McNuggets the next big thing in collectibles? It’s almost as if they’ve run out of ideas and decided to dive headfirst into the deep fryer of novelty. There exist additional McNugget-themed Funko figurines.

    Let’s hope this Frankenstein McNugget does not throw kids into lakes and get chased by the villagers with pitchforks and torches. We wouldn’t want our dear Frankensteinian McNugget to end up crispy, but then again, he’s already been through the fryer, hasn’t he? Poor fella!

    The McNugget-Frankenstein-Funko-Pop saga might leave you scratching your head, but remember, in the world of pop culture merchandise, there are no bounds to what can be turned into a ‘collectible.’ So, if you’re yearning for a cute, pint-sized, and strangely adorable Frankenstein McNugget to grace your shelf, you’re in luck. Just don’t be surprised if, in a few years, Funko starts churning out Pop versions of your favorite condiments. Ketchup, anyone? Don’t worry Funko has raided that grocery aisle for ideas already.

    I chuckle at the sheer abundance of Funko concepts out there. Everyone has their own niche, and Funko has certainly pushed the boundaries with their eccentric ideas. Whether all these ideas find a lasting place in our hearts, well, that remains to be seen. No harm was created, it is all in fun.