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Central Perk Coffeehouse is Coming to Life in Boston?

    I was raised on a steady diet of Friends, and to me, Central Perk wasn’t just a backdrop; it was the pulsating core of the show. It served as Rachel’s workplace but also played an indispensable role in shaping the lives of the characters. It was the sanctuary where they forged their bonds, their refuge from the chaos of life. It’s genuinely surprising that it took this long for someone to seize the brilliant idea of bringing Central Perk to life as a themed cafe where friends can gather. This warm and inviting coffee house is destined to become a sensation, drawing in not only die-hard fans but also those new to the show’s charm. For years, Starbucks has been the go-to place, filling the void, but now, Central Perk-themed cafes are here to provide a unique and nostalgic experience.

    The Central Perk Coffee Co is gearing up to unveil its inaugural coffeehouse and cafe, marking an exciting contemporary twist on the iconic Central Perk locale from the beloved TV series, FRIENDS. While this development is undoubtedly thrilling, it does leave us with a sense of nostalgia and a touch of regret that the first of its kind isn’t gracing the bustling streets of New York City. The first coffeehouse will be located at 205 Newbury Street in Boston. I guess there is little New York in every city, even in Boston. Well maybe not Boston.

    This new coffeehouse concept is a fresh interpretation of the timeless charm that Central Perk brought to the show. It’s an opportunity for fans and coffee lovers alike to experience a slice of that cherished fictional world in a real-life setting. The atmosphere promises to capture the essence of the show’s camaraderie, offering a cozy haven for patrons to gather, enjoy quality coffee, and relish in the unique Central Perk vibe.

    Although it’s somewhat bittersweet that the inaugural Central Perk Coffee Co didn’t emerge in the very heart of New York City, the prospect of having such an iconic and nostalgic experience available elsewhere is undoubtedly an exciting development. It paves the way for fans and visitors from all around to savor a taste of FRIENDS in a whole new way. Who knows, perhaps this is just the beginning, and more Central Perk-inspired gems will make their way to different corners of the world, ensuring that the magic of FRIENDS continues to spread far and wide.

    Now imgine if you will, Cheers bar transplanting itself to the heart of New York City might strike you as peculiar, much like the sentiment I hold towards this upcoming launch of Central Perk Coffeehouse. Don’t get me wrong; it’s undeniably a fantastic idea. Nevertheless, the thought of this new venture evokes a sense of novelty and intrigue, much akin to the hypothetical scenario of Cheers relocating to the bustling metropolis.

    New York City, in its very essence, served as the understated yet ever-present backdrop that lent an indelible atmosphere to the Friends series. It was the canvas upon which the characters’ lives were painted, influencing their dynamics and choices. The city’s dynamic energy and diverse settings were integral to the show’s identity. In essence, it played a silent character in its own right.

    Now, with the inception of this unique coffeehouse and cafe concept, we witness a harmonious fusion of nostalgia and innovation. It’s a remarkable idea that encapsulates the spirit of FRIENDS in a tangible setting. Yet, one can’t help but ponder how dramatically different the show might have been had it been set in Boston, for instance, where the culture leans towards a cozy pub environment. Friends sharing pints at a local pub would indeed paint an entirely distinct portrait.

    The launch of the Central Perk Coffee Co in New York City would make a more fascinating venture bridging fiction and reality. It enables fans to revisit the magic of FRIENDS in a location that was integral to the show’s DNA. While it may seem unusual at first, it promises to be an exciting chapter in the ongoing legacy of this iconic series, demonstrating how a city can become a character in its own right within the realm of storytelling.

    Warner Bros. Discovery Global Themed Entertainment with Central Perk Coffee Co. and CenPer Holdings, LLC, proudly announces the eagerly anticipated debut of Central Perk Coffeehouse in the historic Back Bay neighborhood of Boston, MA opening October 2023. Nestled within a Newbury Street brownstone, this remarkable coffeehouse, inspired by the legendary FRIENDS hang-out, is poised to become a landmark destination where cherished memories, extraordinary coffee and food converge.

    Channeling the unforgettable camaraderie of Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Joey, Chandler, and Ross, the inaugural Central Perk Coffeehouse transcends nostalgia, emerging as a fully functioning coffeehouse and contemporary haven that has been brought to life by a team of food, beverage, and design experts including Top Chef and James Beard Award Winner Tom Colicchio and award-winning New York architects, Glen & Co. With a menu that boasts a wide variety of tasty coffee and food options, in a setting that is modern yet reminiscent of the familiar coffeehouse from the beloved TV show, the soul of Central Perk remains intact, promising an unparalleled dining and coffee experience for locals and visitors alike. Two alluring outdoor patios and a charming streetside parklet invite patrons to savor their moments alfresco, while inside, the cozy Orange Sofa room, inspired by the iconic Central Perk couch, and surrounding area are also available to celebrate special moments and gatherings.

    “Central Perk was far more than just a coffee shop; it stands as a living testament to the enduring legacy and adoration that fans hold for FRIENDS,” said Peter van Roden, SVP, Warner Bros. Discovery Global Themed Entertainment. “Central Perk Coffeehouse perfectly balances the modern and nostalgic, providing a contemporary atmosphere, complemented by food and beverage offerings that celebrate the iconic series. We are beyond thrilled t0 welcome fans from around the world to Boston, where they can savor a delicious cup of coffee and create new and lasting memories with their friends.”

    “We are incredibly excited that the world-class city of Boston will be the home of our new Central Perk Coffeehouse,” said Joe Gurdock, CenPer Holdings. “Newbury Street and the city’s Back Bay neighborhood are treasured gems, known and admired around the globe. We are so fortunate to have found the ideal first location for this concept. We can’t wait to open our doors and join the amazing collection of retailers in the community and neighborhood. We look forward to welcoming locals and fans alike to come in daily to create their own stories in this newly updated space with a great cup of coffee and fantastic food!”

    Culinary Guidance by Top Chef Tom Colicchio

    With the benefit of the culinary advice of Top Chef Tom Colicchio, Central Perk Coffeehouse presents an eclectic FRIENDS-themed menu that brings forth an array of beverages and dishes, playfully named to pay homage to the beloved characters and moments from the show. From Princess Consuela’s Banana Mocha blend and Chandler’s Chocolate Milk Cold Foam to a selection of beer, wine, and cordials including a creative twist on espresso martinis, there is something to satisfy every craving. Accompanying these exceptional drinks, guests will relish acclaimed Master Baker Melissa Weller’s Signature CP Bagel, Joey’s Meatball Sandwich, Rachel’s Side Salad, Grandma’s Chicken Salad, Weekend at Caesars Salad, Mama’s Little Bakery Cheesecake, and more. Central Perk Coffeehouse transcends the ordinary, where coffee craftsmanship meets culinary excellence creating an unforgettable experience for fans and food enthusiasts alike.  

    “It’s been a pleasure advising the culinary team at Central Perk as they developed the Coffeehouse’s menu featuring inviting, simple dishes prepared with fresh ingredients and best enjoyed with a cup of coffee or a premium cold brew,” said Tom Colicchio, Creative Advisor & member of CenPer Holdings, LLC.

    A Brand Identity and Merchandise Refresh for Today’s Patrons

    A dynamic blend of past and present, the 2023 Central Perk Coffeehouse is accompanied by a fresh updated logo and brand identity. This exclusive logo is being revealed initially in the Boston location and on a colorful new capsule collection of exclusive Central Perk Coffee Co. themed apparel, drinks and kitchenware, as well as collectibles – all available for purchase at the Newbury Street coffee shop and online at The Company’s six original coffee blends, in various formats (ground, whole bean and compostable capsules), are also available at the Boston location or online either as an a la carte purchase or as a customizable coffee subscription. 

    As of today, customers can also purchase all 6 coffee blends on Amazon and benefit from free shipping right to their doorstep. The collection features the best-selling single-serve Central Perk Variety Pack. All Central Perk Coffee Co. offerings adhere to sustainable sourcing, production, and packaging practices that prioritize responsible environmental stewardship.

    Central Perk Coffeehouse is located at 205 Newbury Street, Boston, MA. For updates on the opening date or to order merchandise and savor the rich flavors of Central Perk Coffee at home, visit and follow @centralperk on Instagram.