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As Cooked on TikTok is delicious, tasty, and easy

tiktok cookbook

Who knew that TikTok was the ideal place to learn how to cook? As Cooked on TikTok compiles fan favorites and recipe exclusives from more than 40 TikTok creators.

Fan favorites and recipe exclusives from more than 40 TikTok creators

If you love to cook, your phone has become just as important as a sharp knife. Most often, the biggest influence on what you decide to make for dinner is the people on your feeds—both your friends bragging about what they just cooked and the creators you follow who develop recipes hit after hit (hello feta pasta!).

But it’s not just about who you follow. What’s made cooking on TikTok so special is the connection. When you post a video of your take on a recipe everyone’s making, you become part of the community around a dish—and become a creator yourself. You can stitch, you can duet, and you can meet a ton of other people along the way who also have a passion for great storytelling and knockout recipes.

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All those interactions mean that new communities around shared interests are springing up, from cake bakers to air fryer enthusiasts. There’s something here for literally every type of cook (and if it doesn’t exist . . . start it!). The recipe videos on TikTok range from weekday-effortless to weekend-extra, so whether you love instant ramen or make your own 12-yolk fresh pasta, there’s a place for you. And yes, #potato TikTok is a thing. (Tell me you love carbs without telling me you love carbs.)

This cookbook is a collection of the most exciting action happening on #FoodTok right now. It’s full of talented creators who are making food that’s original, fun, and what you want to eat every single day. In these pages, you’ll find more than forty creators from multiple countries who represent all ages and tons of different cuisines, and who range from professionally trained chefs to home cooking bosses. The one thing they all have in common is their passion for food and their watch-on-repeat videos.

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These are the recipes that they’re most proud of and a mix of their fans’ favorites, personal go-to, and trends with staying power. It’s a collection of just over sixty recipes—all hits, no skips (and all tested to ensure they’ll work in your kitchen). They cover every meal of the day. They’re vegan, they’re meaty, they’re solo dinners and party food. There are flavors from all over the globe to exhilarate your taste buds. The recipes bring you into subgenres like #steak TikTok, #cake TikTok, #drink TikTok, and more. There are some show-off recipes, but mostly, they’re surprisingly easy. Baked oats? They’re like eating a cake that took 20 minutes to make from start to finish. No wonder they blew up.

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